Augmenting barren surfaces entirely and uniquely with hand-drawn paintings on walls or ceilings, in private rooms or public areas.

Originally thinking of a confined harbour setting, the motive expanded to a broader sea scenery during development, stylistically reduced to a flattened graphical design. Which works perfectly in a child's room of rather smal size - not too overwhelming in appearance, with a soothing touch in structure and instantly graspable clear lines.
Water-based interior paint. Completely hand-drawn with brushes only.

Motifs of the old town slightly distorted on the café's walls, drawn with charcoal and chalk on particularly rough plastering. A covering layer of varnish prevents from rubbing off the pigments.

Revamping the “children's-corner” of Franconia-based optician Brille am See with tailor-made little monsters playing around the logo.
Mixed media from charcoal, chalk and watercolour.

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